Explanation of Casino Baccarat Terms

Baccarat is not merely a game of chance. It is also a casino game that requires some skill in order to gain the upper hand. Before you can play Baccarat for real money in online casinos, you must be familiar with a few terms.



The following expressions are likely to be encountered when playing Baccarat at online casinos:


A Action is a term used to define the total amount wagered during a single gambling session. Additionally, action can be used to characterize a bet or wager on a game.


B Baccarat is the worst possible hand in Baccarat. The game’s name translates to zero in Italian. When the sum of your three cards is zero and consists of a King, Queen, Jack, or ten, you have “Baccarat.”


The Spanish word for bank or banker is banco. In Baccarat, ‘banco’ refers to the player who has the shoe and distributes the cards. This is commonly used in land-based casinos where other participants participate in Baccarat.


Banco Prime – The authority of the player closest to the dealer to match the casino’s wager if more than one player has called ‘banco’.


Banker stake – The banker stake is one of the three possible wagers in Baccarat. The payout for successful banker wagers is 1 to 1. However, a 5 percent commission is typically deducted from successful wagers. A banker may also refer to a member of the casino personnel who manages the game, runs the shoe, deals the cards, and ensures a fair and smooth game.


Banque – A variant of Baccarat played at two interconnected tables. In Europe, banquet tables are more prevalent in land-based casinos. The Banker will sit in the middle and will compete against two wagers. A participant may place one wager at each table. In English, ‘En banque’ translates to ‘Zero in bank’ in French.


Bankroll – The quantity of money that a gambler intends to spend and risk.


Burning – Similar to Blackjack, ‘card burning’ also occurs in Baccarat. To ensure equitable play, the top three to six cards are discarded immediately after shuffling and prior to the start of a new game.


C Caller – Callers are casino employees who turn the cards, announce the points, and deal additional cards in land-based casinos.


Carte means ‘strike me’ in French. It indicates that you want another card from the dealer.


Chemin De Fer is a Baccarat variant known as European Baccarat. Chemin de Fer signifies ‘railway’ or ‘railroad’. In traditional casinos, the shoe containing the cards travels across the table. In Chemin De Fer, the player acts as the bank by dealing the cards and accepting wagers.


Cheval translates to ‘across’ in French. Depending on the variant of Baccarat, you win a ‘cheval’ wager when both active players win their wagers. This wager is exclusive to European Baccarat games.


In land-based casinos, Baccarat is played with special coins called cheques.


Commission – If you wager on the banker’s hand, you may have a better chance of winning. In order to enhance the casino’s edge, the Banker wager incurs a 5% commission. For example, if the wager is 18.37 and the payout is 1:1, the winnings would be 36.73. In this instance, a 5% commission would be 1.84, so the actual win is 34.90. A casino may even reduce the percentage to 4%. There are also No Commission Baccarat games available at online casinos, in which your winnings are not reduced if you wager on the banker.


Coup is the French word for a round of Baccarat in which one Banker hand and one Player hand are dealt.


The French term for the dealer is croupier. This is applicable to both online and land-based casinos.


After the decks have been shuffled, ‘cutting’ the cards typically involves dividing them in half. In conventional land-based casinos, the dealer shuffles the cards and positions them face-down on the Baccarat table.


Cut Card – A cut card is a special plastic card used to divide the deck of cards after the deck has been shuffled. In brick-and-mortar casinos, a player places the cut card in the deck, and the dealer makes the physical cut at that precise location. The cards are then returned to the deck.


D Dealer – Dealers are casino professionals responsible for dealing the cards, drawing additional cards for the Player and Banker hands, and ensuring the seamless operation of each game.


Two Decks is an alternate term for Baccarat en Banque.


This is where cards that have been discarded are deposited.


Down Card – A card with its face faced down. A down card may also be referred to as a hole card.


Dragon Bonus – The Dragon Bonus is a popular side stake in Baccarat that allows players to wager not only on Player or Banker, but also on the number of points by which the winning hand will defeat the losing hand. The Dragon Bonus is awarded if the winning hand contains a natural (eight or nine) or if the margin in Baccarat is greater than four points.


F Face Cards — All playing cards with portraits are referred to as face cards. These are any suit’s Jacks, Queens, and Kings.


Fading is the act of betting against an individual. In sports wagering, it typically refers to betting against a losing bettor, whereas in open dice games, it refers to betting against the dice thrower. It applies only to land-based activities in Baccarat.


A flat bet is when you wager the same amount regardless of whether your hand wins or loses.


Round Win/Loss Bet Result

1 win 3.67د.إ + 3.67د.إ 2 win 3.67د.إ + 7.34د.إ 3 win 3.67د.إ + 11.01د.إ 4 loss 3.67د.إ + 7.34د.إ 5 loss 3.67د.إ + 3.67د.إ 6 loss 3.67د.إ 0 H Hand – In Baccarat, a hand consists of the cards dealt and played.


A high-roller is a speculator who wagers large amounts of money in casinos.


The house advantage is the casino’s advantage over the client. In Baccarat, wagering on the player carries a house advantage of 1.24 percent. The house edge on banker wagers is 1.06%, while the house edge on tie draw wagers is 14%.


L Ladderman – A ladderman is one of the three operators in charge of managing the Baccarat game in land-based casinos.


La Grande is derived from the French phrase ‘The Big One’, which refers to a natural nine and the finest hand in Baccarat.


La Petite is derived from the French phrase ‘The Little One’. The second-best hand in a game of Baccarat with a natural total of eight.


The layout of a Baccarat table includes spaces for players to place wagers. Know that there are primarily three wagering options in Baccarat: Player, Banker, and Tie. In some variants of Baccarat, you can even wager on side bets.


Loss Bet – A wager placed against the bank is referred to as a loss bet due to the increased house advantage.


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M Match Play – Casinos offer match play bonuses to encourage users to wager on their games. Depending on the casino’s rules, Baccarat can be regarded an even-money game, and players can take advantage of the match play bonus to receive twice the value of their real-money wager without having to double their wager.


Mini Baccarat – A mini baccarat table is a scaled-down replica of a standard baccarat table. Additionally, the mini variant of the game permits lesser table limits and a faster pace of play.


The colloquial term’monkey’ refers to a ten-value card that is either a face card or a ten.


Muck – A deck of eight cards containing 52 cards that is used to begin shuffling in a game of Baccarat.


N Natural – The simplest method to win at Baccarat is to have a total card value of nine. When the total of the two cards you are dealt is eight or nine. In Baccarat, a natural is considered to be the finest possible hand.


P Palette – A palette is a long wooden instrument used by Baccarat dealers to transport the cards around the table.


Pass – In Baccarat, a pass signifies a victory.


Pit – A pit is a section of a land-based casino separated by a crimson rope where high-stakes Baccarat is played by high-rollers.


Player – A player stake is one of the three possible wagers in Baccarat. In the majority of online casinos, the payout ratio for winning player wagers is 1:1, giving the house an edge of 1.24 percent.


A wager is a participant in the game of Baccarat. This term is frequently used by Baccarat players in the UK.


Punto – The Spanish word punto signifies player.


Punto Banco – ‘Punto Banco’ is one of the most popular Baccarat variations known to Baccarat players around the world. This variant of Baccarat was created in Argentina in the 1950s, before spreading to Cuba and the United States. Punto banco is short for Player Banker.


Push – In Baccarat, a push is neither a winning nor a losing wager. Typically, your wagers are returned if the round ends in a shove.


R Railroad – A Railroad is another Baccarat variation that is also referred to as Chemin de Fer in French.


Run – A run is a Baccarat side bet that allows participants to wager on a series of hands.


Shoe – In Baccarat, a shoe is typically an automatic dealing mechanism used to prevent human error. The shoe, which is utilized in both land-based and online casino table games, can contain six or eight decks.


A shooter is a term used to characterize the bank in the game of Baccarat.


Shuffle Up – The term’shuffle up’ refers to the early rearranging of the cards by the dealer in a game of Baccarat.


A talent is a joke made when a Baccarat player is on a winning streak.


In Baccarat, a stalemate is the result of a round in which the Player’s hand and the Bank’s hand both have the same value and are tied.


Streak – In gambling, a streak is a series of the same consecutive results, such as several wins in a row or several losses in a succession.


Super Pan Nine – A super pan nine is a Baccarat variant that is popular in Los Angeles gambling casinos. In a typical game of Baccarat, each player is dealt three face-down cards, and each player can function as the bank.


T Table of Play – This is the set of regulations that describes the score requirements for receiving a third card.


Tie – In Baccarat, the Tie wager is one of the three possible wagers, along with Player and Banker. If a hand terminates in a tie, it is considered a push, and both the player and the banker receive their bets back. Bets on a tie have the greatest house advantage, 14%.


In Baccarat, a U Upcard is a face-up card.


V Vigorish – A vigorish is the percentage deducted by the casino from the winnings of a wager.


VIP represents a very important individual. This term is used in casinos to refer to high rollers.


Now that you are familiar with these Baccarat terms, you can play the game for real money in online casinos. Baccarat is a very exciting casino table game to play if you have a thorough understanding of it, particularly when you win!